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Book Review: The Hollow Gods by A.J. Vrana

Cover of The Hollow Gods

The Hollow Gods, set in Black Hollow, a town near Vancouver, British Columbia, offers a new flavor for the paranormal/supernatural genre. The story follows Miya, Kai, and Mason through a maze of mystery, fable, and fairy tale, in an effort to break a centuries-long cycle of destruction and death.

For the village of Black Hollow, disappearing girls is nothing out of the ordinary. As long as the village has existed, young women who wander into the woods rarely come back whole. And those who do are killed soon after they return.

Whispers talk of a Dreamwalker, a spirit who calls to the women and changes them once she has them in her grasp. But why does she take them? And what really happens in the woods?

When Miya Delathorne finds one of the girls one morning, she soon becomes swept into the story in ways she never imagined. She is joined by the enigmatic Kai Donnovan, a thorn in Miya's side, but one who soon works her way to her heart with his wolfish grin.

Meanwhile, Mason Evans arrives in Black Hollow to escape his past. But soon he finds himself ensnared in the secrets and mysteries surrounding the town, taking him on a journey to prove the stories wrong.

A.J. Vrana uses an assortment of methods to tell the tale: dreams, fables, fairy tales, flashbacks, and mystery. Her prose swiftly transport readers into the realms of reality and dream, weaving different branches of fable, myth, and legend into one new story. Overall, The Hollow Gods is a compelling debut. I am eager to see where the series goes next!

(Many thanks to Parliament House Press for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.)

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